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Edmontosaur help needed


I have been given the privilege of volunteering in the Bill and Shirley
Kimmich Paleo Prep Lab newly opened at the South Florida Museum of
Natural History (formerly Graves Museum of Archeology and Natural
History). The museum collected almost 200 bones of, hopefully, a near
complete _Edmontosaurus annectens_. They came from a quarry near Lance
Creek, Wyoming.

I'm currently learning to scrape mudstone and sandstone away from the
tooth battery grooves in a left dentary and know the coronoid process is
looming in the matrix somewhere but exactly where I'm not sure. I have
access to
Richard S. Lull and Nelda E. Wright
Geological Society of America
Special Papers number 40
_Hadrosaurian Dinosaurs of North America_
August 31, 1942
which has been of some help but I could use more detail.

Is there a book(s) available that figures most of the bones of this
beast? A big tome with plenty of photographic plates, I would love, but
great diagrams would be fine, too (and probably more affordable). Any
suggestions? I would love to be able to tell the skeletal position of
each vertebra as it emerges from its long burial and from size
measurements if it's juvenile, sub-adult, or adult.

My web site is currently off-line due to a hand-off by my ISP to
mindspring. Don't change any links to my site, I should have it restored
in about 2 weeks (same address), along with the beginnings of a flock of
new photos (decent ones this time.)

Michael Patrick Corriss
Miami Beach