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Re: Bruhathkayosaurus

In a message dated 6/18/01 11:26:20 PM EST, eamalitz@hotmail.com writes:

<< Would that not bring it in the range of Parlititan? In sanskrit
 brihati- means big- this has been misspelt by the original authors as 
 Bruhath- because of the local dialectual influence on pure sanskrit. brihati 
 is the ortholog of the english word britany. kAya means body in sansk. So 
 afterall it was not an inappropriate name... if it was a massive titanosaur. 

With a tibia about 2m long and a femur 75 cm across the condyles (assuming 
the measurements are to be trusted), this is a >whale< of a titanosaur. When 
it was still a theropod, it made Tyrannosaurus rex seem like a chicken.