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Re: Lemurs and Feathers

That is indeed what I'm pretending to say.
>From a >general< characteristic evolved for something else (but related to a
very active life in the trees) to a >particular< specialization to take better
advantage of an arboreal life. Lemurs probably wouldn't need the strategically
placed hardened hair strands if they had another kind of life style.

I'm probably just elaborating on George's BCF tune adding hard evidence from
the most recent stuff.
And we still need to know what will happen with the mysterious little guy that
Czerkas showed us last year, with the third finger elongated and modified
uncanningly like a lemur and prehensile feet. The perfect arboreal dinosaur if
we ever needed one.

Isn't it nice that Feduccia pointed out the lemur convergence from the
beginning? He unwittingly has given the dinosaur-bird link even more a boost
than many of the main proponents!

Tim Williams wrote:

> Daniel Bensen wrote:
> > >>Following this lead and Richard Prum's paper on the
> >origin of feathers, I'm concluding once again that indeed  hairy or
> >branched integument was first (that is, all ancestral dinosaurs must
> >have been 'hairy' at some stage) and single (or several broom-like)
> >thicker quills sporting barbules evolved in arboreal forms to hold the
> >strands together and perfect the 'parachuting' effect.<<
> >
> >Makes sense to me, but why give hairy feathers to "all ancestral
> >dinosaurs"?  Why not just the ancestors of the dinosaurs that flew?  Or was
> >I misinterpreting the text?
> What Luis is driving at (or I may be putting words in his mouth) is that in
> ancestral coelurosaurs the hairy feathers covered the entire body  - like
> mammalian hair (and for the exact same purpose - insulation).  The hairy
> feathers on the arms became modified for the sifaka-like parachuting
> function in arboreal theropods.
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