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Re: Lemurs and Feathers

> What Luis is driving at (or I may be putting words in his mouth) is that
> ancestral coelurosaurs the hairy feathers covered the entire body  - like
> mammalian hair (and for the exact same purpose - insulation).

Isn't that pretty clear anyway?

> The hairy
> feathers on the arms became modified for the sifaka-like parachuting
> function in arboreal theropods.

But how can long, stiff, straight wing feathers come out of this?
I still prefer HP Tom Hopp's idea that wings evolved for brooding, and Klaus
Ebel's idea that the wingstroke evolved for underwater flying is still the
only explanation for the wingstroke that I know. Won't happen in a
parachuter, IMHO. Any more plausible ideas? :-)

But I can't wait for the Aye-Aye look-alike... :-9 *withdrawal symptoms...

Is Yulong the Chinese vernacular name for the new young "cf.