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Another NA Therizinosaur


The recently announcet therizinosaur from New Mexico isn’t the only North American Therizinosaurid. There is a frontal from Dinosaur Provincal Park and Dave Gillette will talk about another therizinosaur from Utah at the NAPC. The abstract states its from a marine deposit (and that therizinosaurs may have been partially aquatic (?)). The skeleton is partially articulated and consists of ribs, sacrum hind limbs, and caudals.


The femur is approximately 70 cm long, tibia 63 cm and metatarsals 23.


Wish I could afford to make the trip but I can’t, I hope he talks about it at the SVP this year. You can see the abstracts (all the abstracts) at the web site for the NAPC  www.ucmp.berkeley.edu/napc/abs9.html



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