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Little video blurb on the new Zuni theropods

For the Canadian members of the list, I just shot a short video interview
about "Nothronychus" and the unnamed coelurosaur for the Canadian Discovery
Channel.  It will be on the show "@Discovery.Ca" at 7 pm Eastern and 11 pm

For U.S. (or other) folks who get the digital Discovery Channel (not the
standard cable Discovery), the show airs under the name "Science Daily" (9
pm Eastern).

They will be using some video clips from When Dinosaurs Roamed America
featuring the new guys, and (I'm not certain) may show some footage of the
fossils themselves.

Doug Wolfe was supposed to have been on the Today show this morning, but I
was at work during that time.  Hope he wasn't booted off for a "really fat
baby" story or a "how to make decorative curtains from old issues of
"Systematic Biology"" or whatever.

Tracy: glad to hear that Gillette has his therizinosaur in the abstracts for
NAPC.  Kirkland and Wolfe were aware of it as their paper went through the
publication process, and they look forward to comparing the two taxa.  (Much
like _Eolambia_ and _Protohadros_, these seem to be two forms closely
related in phylogeny, time, and space that happened to be discovered at
almost the same moment).

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