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Re: Bruhathkayosaurus

ekaterina amalitzkaya <eamalitz@hotmail.com> wrote
I talked to Sankar Chatterjee about this a few years ago. He said hat >a
dinosaur, a titanosaur. It is NOT a log.

Would that not bring it in the range of Parlititan? In sanskrit brihati- means big- this has been misspelt by the original authors as Bruhath- because of the local dialectual influence on pure sanskrit. brihati is the ortholog of the english word britany. kAya means body in sansk. So afterall it was not an inappropriate name... if it was a massive titanosaur.

It is not misspelt. Bruhath means big in Hindi - the most widely spoken language in India. This word is derived from Sanskrit Brihat but there is no reason to believe that the authors wanted to give a Sanskrit name. After all, Sanskrit is a dead language. Kaya in many northern Indian languages, including Sanskrit and Hindi, means body. Thus in Hindi Bruhathkaya means big body.

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