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RE: Little video blurb on the new Zuni theropods

From: "Thomas R. Holtz, Jr." <tholtz@geol.umd.edu>

Actually, you couldn't have seen that particular segment this morning, >since
I shot it between 1:45 and 2:30 pm Eastern today!!

Hmmm... that's odd. I must have seen a different segment, then. That said, the segment that I saw was on the "@discovery.ca" show you had mentioned, and it also featured the "When Dinosaurs Roamed North America" shots you pointed out. I'll have to watch again...

However, it is no more disingenuous to call these "feathered dinosaurs" >than it is to call _Hyracotherium_ or _Hyaenodon_ "furry mammals": no >one has ever recovered the integument of early horses or creodonts, but >based on their phylogenetic positions among known furry taxa, it is >perverse (without additional positive evidence to the contrary) to >consider those cretaures to be non-furry.

Agreed. That's an argument I use often myself in fending for the "feathered dinosaurs." But again, the problem that I have with the particular segment that I saw was that they expressed the idea that these dinosaurs were >found< feathered, not that they once might have been feathered. The overall impression is very misleading.

All that being said, I think that it has been the shock of seeing >feathered non-avian dinosaurs animated for the first time which has >caught the attention of the reporters to a greater degree than the >stuff that Kirkland and Wolfe (and I) were trying to hype at the press >conference: a whole new fauna, from a period of peak sea level, etc.,

Well, you got me excited! :)

-Jordan Mallon

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