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Re: Lemurs and Feathers

> >>Probably went the other way, or at best evolved in
> tandem: easier to get from flight to brooding and underwater flying than
> versa.<<
> What about a flier/swimmer, like a hoatzin (but without the diet of
> That sort of covers all the bases; parachute into the water from a tree,
and then
> flap arms to propel yourself forward.  Good development for the proper
> and joints, but the need to parachute and catch food with hands negates
> tendancy toward atrophication (if that's a word).

(You mean transformation of wings into penguin-style paddles?)
Good idea! I haven't thought of that, and I haven't been able to find any
counter-arguments so far :-) -- except for a lack of arboreal adaptations in
theropods (such as mobile extremities and grasping feet); but I haven't seen
the Aye-Aye theropod, so maybe I better stay quiet before BCF people become