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Signing off

Hi Gang,
Well the shit has hit the fan! Just when I thought I had things under control 
to some degree. That "problem" I alluded to has become much more problematic 
due to the (forseen but not so soon) introdcution of the joker in the deck. 
Since the individual I obliquely refer to has the one commodity I don't have, 
TIME, I need to scale back. This means sighning off emial lists (for a while) 
, cessation of field work and suspension of my just started wet screening so 
that what little time I do have can be devoted to kissing ass and making 
phone calls etc.

Anyone know how I might go about setting myself up as a 501 c(3) non-profit?
That way, I can make a real research center out of it!

And to Rep, Jaimie, Bruce and the others who have emailed recently, I'm sure 
you'll understand if i don't get back to you. 

Sorry to clutter the list with this whine. Now all I need is the cheese ;-)



It all boils down to the now publicisef fact that the quarry I have been 
toiling at for nearly a dozen years is closing down. The real owner wants to 
sell the land to the encroaching housiong development (I believe) but has 
indicated that he was willing to donate the fossil area for a tax break. 
Thomas R. Lipka
Paleontological/Geological Studies