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Re: Little video blurb on the new Zuni theropods

And here in Mesozoic-deficient East Central Florida (ZIP Code 32901), our
archosaurs are pretty much limited to extant lazy alligators that troll the
lake next to the Planetarium and derrived theropods such as swooping ospreys
grabbing fish from the lake outside my office at the Planetarium (and avoid
the alligators) and soaring bald eagles and magnificant great blue herons
that stare you down face-to-face (for those of us who are height-impaired)
and wonderful all-too-trusting sandhill cranes and ridiculous strutting
white ibises probing for goodies in the soil and impertinent cattle egrets
that use your pickup truck for a perch and expect handouts and sassy
mockingbirds that mob the ubiquitous raucous crows and . . .

Oh, yes, our Cape Canaveral dusky seaside sparrow is well and truly and
recently extinct.



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> The Discovery Channel website has a fun little item--the zip code finder
> tells you what dinosaur lived in your neighborhood.  Hadrosaurs lived
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