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misleading Zuni theropods (was: video Blurb)

> Yeah, I just saw that segment earlier this morning, although I found it
> somewhat misleading in that the reporters really seemed to push the idea
> that these animals were in fact found with feathers.

Indeed, the UK News was the same - very misleading.

The TV news article here was phrased "new dinosaurs with feathers" and
strongly implied that feather impressions had been found with the skeleton.
Computer-generated clips were shown which I presume to be from the US TV
programme which everyone keeps mentioning. However, at the end of the news
article, it contradicted itself and a phrase was used which made clear that
the feathers on these animals were an inference based on the recent Chinese

Given that the Sinornithosaurus didn't even make the TV news here it seems
to me that the new finds were publicised simply became it a feasable news
story when computer-generated animation is available to look pretty and
appeal to the public at large.


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