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Feathered/scaly theropods: trying to make the point.

Hi dino-list members,
I'm not a specialist, so I'm trying to see which theropods can have been feathered or not.
I think my essay could be useful for some members.
So I'd ask you to correct me if I'm wrong.
== Feathered:
--- Maniraptorians, ornithomimmosaurs, troodontids,
--- Segnosaurs,
--- Sinosauropteryx,
--- Compsognathus,
--- Scipionyx,
--- Coelurus (?)
--- Allosaurus chicks (?)
--- T-rex chicks (?)...          (did I forget something?)
Most of them seem to have worn only protofeathers.
But we got real feathers like birds' ones on:
--- Archaeopteryx,
--- Rahonavis,
--- Caudipteryx,
--- Confuciusornis (this one is still a bird) and species near it,
                                        (did I forget something?)
And what about the accurence of real feathers on adult
--- Microraptor,
--- Deinonychus,
--- Dromaeosaurus,
--- Troodon,
--- Therizinosaurus,... ?
== Scaly:
--- all Late Triassic dinosaurs,
--- Syntarsus, Dilophosaurus,
--- all large theropods.         (did I forget something?)
Many thanks in advance for your help,
                           Luc J. "Aspidel" BAILLY aspidel@infonie.be