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Re: Lemurs and Feathers

You've already seen Tom Hopp's response to this; the usual sort of
technical glitch held it back.  Pat, your isp changed the stamp of
your outgoing mail from ptnorton@email.msn.com, to ptnorton@msn.com
and hence the listprocessor didn't recognize you.  I've updated the
aliases file so that won't happen for you again.


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Tom Hopp wrote:

> Hang in there regarding brooding.<

One thing I like about the brooding hypothesis is that it provides a
non-aerodynamic explanation for the evolution of elongated, vaned feathers
on the back-side of the arms. As such large flat surface areas evolved,
however, aerodynamic forces would be an increasingly signficant factor in
selecting modifications that anchored those feathers more firmly to the
musculoskeltal structure of the animal. As that began to happen, the arm
would begin to function more like a wing in that it would be capable of
using arm motions to generate lifting, thrusting and braking forces.
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