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Re: Feathered/scaly theropods: trying to make the point.

aspidel wrote-
maniraptorans- feathers and/or filaments
ornithomimosaurs- depends on phylogenetic placement, recent analyses suggest filaments, possibly feathers
troodontids- depends on phylogenetic placement, recent analyses suggest feathers and filaments
segnosaurs- filaments
Sinosauropteryx- filaments
Compsognathus- filaments
Scipionyx- probably filaments
Coelurus- probably filaments
Allosaurus chicks- unknown
T. rex chicks- unknown
Archaeopteryx- feathers
Rahonavis- feathers
Caudipteryx- feathers
Confuciusornis- feathers
Microraptor- feathers and filaments
Deinonychus- feathers and filaments
Dromaeosaurus- feathers and filaments
Troodon- see above
Therizinosaurus- ancestors had filaments, but Therizinosaurus was quite large (8-10 m), so may have lost them.
all Late Triassic dinosaurs- unknown
Syntarsus- unknown
Dilophosaurus- unknown, probably scaly based on size
all large theropods- Carnotaurus indicates they might have been scaly
Mickey Mortimer