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HP Tracy Ford wrote,
>> Would Coelophysis brood? Did all
theropods brood or just some? (I know not all birds do, I think I heard that)<<

The Megapodes, Family Megapodiidae, of Indonesia the Australasian Islands do not brood. Instead they build large mounds or pits from vegetation and sand, respectively,and basically cook their eggs. However, they do not simply semi abandon them until hatching in the manner of crocodilians, but rather hang around (both parents) in order to regulate the temperature by removing or adding material to the nest. They also need to chase off the large monitor lizards and snakes which have a fondness for megapode eggs. They accomplish this feat by kicking vegetation at the foe.

For more Information, Check ot this webpage on the Australian Brush turkey, Alectura lathami,
at: http://www.ens.gu.edu.au/pggoeth/main.html

I hope you find this helpful or at least informative!

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