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RE: Doniceps ref



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Subject: Doniceps ref


Does anyone (I'm looking in your direction Tracy :-) ) have the reference for Doniceps lipovensis Otschev and Rycov 1968?  It's apparently a trilophosaurid.  Thanks.


Mickey Mortimer


Here ya go


Genus: Doniceps OCHEV & RYKOV, 1968

Etymology: in reference to the Don River.


Species: lipovensis OCHEV & RYKOV, 1968


Holotype: 204/3106


Locality: Donskaya Luka Locality, Lipovskaya Balka Ravine, Village of Sirotinskaya, right boundary of the valley of the Don, Ilovlyansk District, Volgograd Region, Russia.


Horizon: Lipovskaya Formation, Gamskii Horizon, Yarenskii Superhorizon, Upper part of the Olenek Stage, Early Triassic.


Material: Premaxilla.


Ochev, V. G., and Rykov S. P., 1968, New Genus of Small Reptiles from the Triassic of Donskaya Luka: Palaeontological Journal, v. 3, n. 1, p. 130-131.


Tracy L. Ford

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