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Re: Lemurs and Feathers

> In a message dated 6/20/01 10:58:43 AM, david.marjanovic@gmx.at writes:
> <<>The problem with underwater flight is lack of fossil evidence.<
> I'll ignore that, like everyone else does :-> , given that the Jurassic
> fossil record of pretty much all small terrestrial animals is extremely
> >>
> Yes, but those of us who don't ignore the fossil evidence just because the
> early Jurassic sucks, see a preponderance of evidence implicating a
> theropod-to-bird transition. So don't count me among your "everyone else."

I have nothing against birds originating gradually, *Protoavis* and
punctuated equilibrium notwithstanding. I just say that lack of fossils is
no very good reason for rejecting the through-the-water scenario. ~:-|

> <<flight in air is apparently next to impossible with symmetrical wing
> feathers>>
> [...]
> <<All recent flightless birds have symmetrical feathers, right? (In
> Egypt ostriches were the symbol of justice because their wing feathers are
> perfectly symmetrical.) Same for *Caudipteryx*, right?>>
> Y'know what? [...] Perhaps we should start talking about "subsymmetrical"
> suggest, "effectively symmetrical" or some similar term.

No problem.

> << [...] So your telling us T. rex brooded? I
> can't see that large an animal doing it.>>
> Here's how. [...]

Hey great!!! :-o
BTW, this would mean that *Carnotaurus* had to rely on megapode-like mounds
or whatever, its forearms and hands being ridiculously short.