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Re: Caption translation for Yanornis

> Two important branches of birds existed in the Mesozoic. One was the
> diverse
> and numerous [fan ya?-nithes] which were wiped out at the end of the
> Cretaceous;


> the other were neornithes.

Euornithes? (Neornithes is just the crown group = the smallest group to
which all living birds belong. Enanti- and Euornithes are sister groups and
together make Ornithothoraces.)
BTW, "birds" is "ornithes", AFAIK.

> There
> are no obvious differences in its flight structures between Yanornis and
> modern birds.  Despite this, it preserves a number of primitive
> features,
> for example, its upper and lower jaws have teeth, it has more developed
> claws, and so on.

Like *Liaoningornis* and *Songlingornis*?

> This indicates that the nearest ancestor of modern
> birds
> will be found in a later period.

BTW, isn't *Enaliornis* from a similar age?

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