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Validity of Alioramus

Somebody sent me this reply off-list. I'll throw it open to the DML (but keep the identity of the person private) because I wondered if there had been some change regarding the status of _Alioramus_...

Critics should see Carr JVP 9/99, and Currie (The Age of Dinosaurs in Russia and >Mongolia). Alioramus has the skull proportions of a juvenile, as Currie noted, >which wouldn't be surprising in view of abundant subadult T.bataar material in >Nemegtian beds. Nasal bumps may be sufficient for specific diagnosis, but we >should keep an open mind regarding genus until complete, indisputably adult >remains are known.

_Alioramus_ an immature _Tarbosaurus bataar_? I'm willing to believe that _Shanshanosaurus_ might be a young _Tarbosaurus_, but _Alioramus_ looks as good as gold to me. Can anyone set my mind at ease?



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