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Re: Validity of Alioramus

On Thu, 21 Jun 2001, Tim Williams wrote:

> >Critics should see Carr JVP 9/99, and Currie (The Age of Dinosaurs in
> >Russia  and >Mongolia). Alioramus  has the skull proportions of a juvenile,
> >as Currie noted, >which wouldn't be surprising in view of abundant
> >subadult T.bataar  material in >Nemegtian beds. Nasal bumps may be
> >sufficient for specific diagnosis, but we >should keep an open mind
> >regarding genus until complete, indisputably adult >remains are known.
> _Alioramus_ an immature _Tarbosaurus bataar_?

Sounds to me more like (s)he's saying that _Tarbosaurus remotus_ may be a
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