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Re: Lemurs and Feathers

> << [...] So your telling us T. rex brooded? I
> can't see that large an animal doing it.>>
> Here's how. [...] <<
> I can't see it, just too big. I think there would be a strain on the
> It has to worry about it's stomach and in lying that way the tail would be
> sticking up in the air.

I'd have to worry about my stomach, but *Tyrannosaurus* has well-formed
gastralia and a big pubic foot/boot that would support most of the weight
(but none on the ischium, indicating IMHO that the ischium never carried
weight) and extends beyond the gastralia, AFAIK.
The tail should stick up in the air in every squatting dinosaur except, off
the top of my head, dromaeosaurs and segnosaurs because otherwise the tail
would have to be bent actively downwards. All known traces of squatting
dinosaurs (such as the one supposedly showing feather imprints) show the
feet, at least sometimes the hands, the pubic and/or ischial foot/boot, but
never the tail.