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Flights of fancy

I fear it is time to reiterate the sage words of Mickey Rowe from our 
Administrivia page,  Section 10 - 
a) Why you shouldn't post on things you don't know much about:

"And, particularly at times like now when the chatter is high, please
 try to filter your participation.  If you don't know a lot about a subject, 
don't try to answer questions about it.  If a response you're writing is 
not likely to be of general interest, send that response to the sender 
of the original message rather than to the whole list.  If you find yourself 
writing to the list several times in a day, try to remember that the list 
doesn't exist just to hear your opinions."

And to put that into current context, if you don't know anything about 
feathers, their chemical makeup, development, arrangement, etc., please do 
not send your speculation about the subject to the dinosaur list.  Our list 
is first and foremost devoted to scientific discussion, and posts which are 
not based on scientific principles distract and detract from that aim.  

And there is nothing wrong with letting a post which should not be answered 
go unanswered.

Mary Kirkaldy
Dinosaur Mailing List Co-owner