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Re: Megapodes!

I wrote, >>However, they [Megapodes] do not simply semi abandon them until hatching in the manner of crocodilians<<

Jamie Headden wrote, >>Another myth to dispel ... in alligators at least, the mother does remain attentive to the nest during and after hatching,caring for the young. I don't know of the behavior in nile
crocs, salties, gavials/gharials, caimans, etc., however
portraying the myth that reptiles like crocodilians are bad
mothers isn't going to help.<<

Man O Man, what the Hell was I thinking when I wrote that?? In fact I do know that crocodilians are extremely attentive parents, a mother croc also will chase predators away and will dig the young out from the nest and carry them down to the water in her mouth. After hatching the mother will continue to protect the young for about a year or so. Come to think of it since the megapodes abandon their chicks after hatching, the crocs are better parents ;) I really don't know what i was thinking saying all that?, actually I think I was trying to spotlight the fact that megapodes regulate the nests temperature, I didn't mean to support the myth that reptiles in general, and crocs in particular, where bad parents. There are quite a few examples of reptiles who deserve the good parent award, Solomon Island monkey tailed skinks and certain Pythons and Rattle snakes come to mind.


P.S. Jamie,

>> Would love to find a Ischigualasto nest, and a
*Herrerasaurus*/*Ischigualastia* fighting pair with the nest
nearby ... it would be so totally killer...<<

You should do an illustration of this for Qilong!

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