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Re: Megapodes!

From: "Chris Collinson" <chris_collinson@hotmail.com>
Sent: Friday, June 22, 2001 12:32 AM

> Man O Man, what the Hell was I thinking when I wrote that?? In fact I do
> know that crocodilians are extremely attentive parents, a mother croc also
> will chase predators away and will dig the young out from the nest and
> them down to the water in her mouth. After hatching the  mother will
> continue to protect the young for about a year or so. Come  to think of it
> since the megapodes abandon their chicks after hatching, the crocs are
> better parents ;)

There's a lot going on during nesting with crocs, including repairing
compromised nests and even scenting nests. However, unlike megapodes crocs
don't monitor internal nest temperature, but instead the actual nest site
selection becomes more important. Croc eggs are quite tolerant of wide
temperature fluctuations during incubation (typically 26 celsius to 34
celsius), although temperature does influence development in certain ways.
What about megapodes - how tolerant of temperature fluctuation are their
eggs? Not very, judging by the continual monitoring and adjustement by