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New refs

Can't remember if all of these have been posted, so here they are anyway.
(All extinction related)

Ward et al
Sudden Productivity Collapse Associated with the Triassic-Jurassic Boundary
Mass Extinction
Science 292; 1148-1151, 11 May 2001.

(carbon isotope evidence )

Tanner et al
Stability of Atmospheric CO2 levels across the Triassic'Jurassic boundary.
Nature 411; 675 - 678, 7 June, 2001.

(extinctions in early Jurassic not caused by volcanic out-gassing of CO2)

A 300 million year record of atmospheric CO2 from fossil plant cuticles.
Nature 411; 287 - 290, 17 May 2001.

Graeme Worth