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RE: Name the dino contest

From: "Tracy Ford" <dino.hunter@home.com>

Jim Kirkland ask me to put this on the list.

Get this up on the dinolist server. Just a few days left.


Just a coupla things:

1) The site says it's for kids 8-14.

2) The site says such kids have to submit their entries by June 25.

Too bad. I had a nifty name all ready. Imagine (if you will) the scene in "Walking With Dinosaurs 2":

[Brannagh intones] "And here we see the pack of bloodthirsty Larrydunnraptors radioing in for a Copperhead artillery round in order to finish off the wounded hadrosaur ...".

Larry Dunn
"You want the truth? You can't HANDLE the truth!" -- Gregory Paul on feathered dinosaurs, 1988
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