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RE: Discovery Channel's "Beasts in Your Back Yard"

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On Fri, 22 Jun 2001 11:01:40
 christopher robert noto wrote:
>I think that because we know that relevant dinosaur fossils are not found
>everywhere in the US, the Discovery Channel took some liberties in
>generalizing the dinosaur distribution database in order to make it
>relevant to  everyone.  I doubt many people would be impressed if a "no
>significant material" message popped up instead of a name.  I live in
>Chicago and they said Hadrosaurus lived around here, though I know very
>few (if any) Cretaceous terrestrial rocks outcrop in Chicago.  We're a
>Paleozoic town.

Chris and group,
I live in Ottawa, IL (about 75 miles from Chicago) and Hadrosaurus is listed
for my ZIP Code, also.  That is a bunch of @#&$%, since the only bones found
in this area are very small fragments of amphibians and fish (the
Pennsylvanian bones that I mentioned last week).  This area is all
Pennsylvanian and Ordovician, and Chicago itself is actually mostly
Silurian.  The only Mesozoic rocks in the state of Illinois are located in a
narrow band in the west of the state and another small band in the south.
In these formations (the Baylis Formation), only fragments of plants are
known.  People have been searching for dinosaurs for years, but nothing has
been found.  So, to keep it short, no dinosaurs in Illinois, yet two
different ZIP codes give Hadrosaurus ???!!!

I agree, though, that a "no material found here" line would draw people away
from the site, instead of luring them into clicking on the link, which takes
them to another page with advertising :-)))

Outside of that, though, I think the site is really interesting.


You know, I think a LOT of people are taking this a bit to literal. Sure in
Ottawa there are no Cretaceous deposits, but Ottawa DID have a Cretaceous
period! And YES, it did have Hadrosaurs! At that time. And Tyrannosaurids,
ornithimimids, ankylosaurids, etc. Just because they haven't been found in
the Ottawa area doesn't mean they were never THERE! Yes the Discovery
channel has taken liberties in saying what animal lived there, but I don't
have a problem with it if the animal they are saying lived in that area did
live in that time period of that continent.

Tracy L. Ford
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