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Re: Tyrannosauridae (Alioramus, etc.)

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Subject: Tyrannosauridae (Alioramus, etc.)

> Sounds good to me, and I assume the general consensus is that
> Siamotyrannus probably isn't tyrannosauroid.

Well in regard to my previous post on the topic of Siamotyrannus as a
probable  Sinraptorids I added some detail: the ilium of _Siamotyrannus_ is
virtually identical to those of _Allosaurus_
and _Sinraptor, the dorsal margin is quite straight as in Allosauroidea, the
pubic peduncle is long and point cranioventrally as in Allosauroidea unlike
the pubic peduncle in Tyrannosauridae, and the supracetabular ridge
overhangs the ischiatic peduncle quite strongly, as in Allosauroidea.

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