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Re: Raptor

You should probably try T. Mike Keesy's (sorry if I spelt your name wrong)
site.  http://dinosauricon.com/   Just go to the genus list and look under
"Utahraptor" or any of the other "sickle claws", Deinonychus, Velociraptor,
Dromeosaurus, Microraptor etc.  Hope it helps.

To any who may know.
Will that complete skeleton of some type of giant sickle claw that I heard
about (from the book "Raptors, the nastiest dinosaurs) in Mongolia ever be
discribed?  It seems that if it was that complete they would be working real
hard on it.  Not that I'm impatient (alright I am) but that book was written
five years ago and I haven't heard a peep about it since (not to mention the
skeleton was discovered in the eighties.).

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> Hi, I am looking on the internet for a nice drawing or picture of a
> Utahraptor or raptor to show my grandson. I would appreciate any
> suggestions.Thanks, Ron