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Re: Raptor

Out of curiousity, have we all finally arrived at some "stasis" (or is it
"resignation") that the term Raptor is now indelibly established as a proper
scientific term that includes Velociraptors, Utahraptors, etc. etc.?

Let me note that an inquiry to Discovery Channel about their use of the term
assures me that several respectable and notable paleontologists (yes, I know
their names. no, I'm not going to say who because it's not important) think it's
just fine and that "Raptor" is a legit classification.

This is meant as a legit question. Rephrased:

"Has the paleontology community "formally" adopted the term "Raptor" to refer to
a certain class of dinosaurs in the face of overwhelming popular usage of the
term? Or is the 'raptors' are birds like hawks' argument still firmly in place?"


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