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New Ornithopod Dinosaur from Liaoning

From: Ben Creisler bh480@scn.org
New Ornithopod Dinosaur from Liaoning; Haopterus paper in 

I gave up trying to get my browser at home to read the 
online abstracts from Kexue Tongbao (Chinese Science 
Bulletin) and went to the University Library (back on a 
normal schedule after a break between quarters).  I had no 
problem getting the Chinese characters to display properly 
on their computers and was able to do some translating of 
recent abstracts in Chinese.  One big piece of  news is a 
large ornithopod dinosaur from Liaoning described in the 
same early March 2001 issue as Yanornis and Yixianornis.  
Here's a translation of the citation:

Wang  Xiaolin and Xu Xing, 2001. A new genus and species 
of ornithopod from the Yixian Formation at Liaoxi: 
Jinzhousaurus. Kexue Tongbao 46(5): 419-423.

The full name is Jinzhousaurus yangi Wang & Xu, 2001.

I'll have a translation of the whole abstract soon.--and 
it'll be out in English in a few months anyway. It can be 
viewed at  http://www.scichina.com/kz/0105/kz0419.stm .

Sorry to say there are no pictures and the PDF doesn't 

The original description in Chinese of Haopterus appeared 
in the early February 2001 issue of Kexue Tongbao 46(30): 
230-235 so the citation date (2001) remains the same.

I'll have a revised posting on Yanornis and Yixianornis