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Re: Lemurs and Feathers

<(In ancient Egypt ostriches were the symbol of justice
because their wing feathers are perfectly symmetrical.)>

I didn't think it was symmetry, I thought it was length:

 In ancient Egypt, the goddess of creation, Maat, and her system of the
world were represented by an Ostrich feather. And because the Ostrich's
large ornamental feathers are all the same length, they became a symbol of


By the way, Maat represented right order; the reference to creation is
ambiguous.  It means all creation depended upon her:

Maat was the personification of the fundamental order of the universe,
without which all of creation would perish. The primary duty of the pharaoh
was to uphold this order by maintaining the law and administering justice.
To reflect this, many pharaohs took the title "Beloved of Maat," emphasizing
their focus on justice and truth.