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Re: Tyrannosauridae (Alioramus, etc.)

Ken Kinman wrote-

> TYRANNOSAURIDAE sensu lato (= Tyrannosauroidea)
>       1  Eotyrannus
>       ?  Stokesosaurus
>       ?  Itemirus
>       2  Alectrosaurus
>       ?  Shanshanosaurus

Currie (2000) reports that claims of procoelous cervical vertebrae in
Shanshanosaurus are incorrect and re-examination of the specimen (Currie and
Dong, in prep.) suggests it may be a juvenile Tyrannosaurus bataar.  With
North American aublysodonts turning out to be juvenile tyrannosaurids, it
seems very likely.  Now just to figure out what is up with Alectrosaurus....

Mickey Mortimer