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zip codes

overheard in fossil halls at AMNH this evening......
young boy:  mommy, thats the one.
mom:  what?
young boy:  the one that lived on our street
mom:  honey, triceratops did not live in our neighborhood.
young boy:  but it has the same zip code....  i checked.
I had to stop and ask where they were from,(and explain to the mom what her son was talking about) since I have been following your debate regarding possibility of particular populations versus actual fossil finds.  The visitors were from Colorado.
The kid was excited that an actual museum person knew about the Discovery Channel website.  He felt that his experience on line was validated...  and his mom realized she did not have to have him analyzed...
This is really the point of sites like Beasts in your Backyard.  It gets kids interested in their own surroundings.  Perhaps they will start paying attention to local outcrops just in case they could be full of fossils.
enjoy your weekend.
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