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RE: raptor

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     If their consultants told them to treat raptor as a proper noun, they
had better seek better consultants.  Same goes for hyphenating scientific
names.  Or possibly they sort of shopped around until they found a
consultant who gave them the answers they liked---who knows?
     The bottom line is that popular media must make a profit, and
sensationalism and shortcuts often seem to take precedence over scientific
accuracy.  At least that has been my experience, but I am rather cynical.
There are obviously exceptions, but they seem to be just that and not the
rule.  And I certainly would not have used the phrase "in your backyard",
because it can obviously result in a lot of misinterpretation and confusion.
  But the quality of their work, or lack thereof seemed most noticeable (in
what little of it I saw) in describing Tyrannosaurus' paleoenvironment as
"Where there were lots of prey."   Give me a break.
What needs to be done is somehow have a scientific orginazation that will
correct these so called consultants and that the media could go to.