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Re: [Re: Feathered/scaly theropods: trying to make the point.]

> It should also be noted that these bunch of "feathered" dinos all came
> the exact same location; which is more than just a little suspicion if you
> me.

Of course. This is because only there (among known places) is preservation
perfect enough. You don't find haired fossil mammals outside of Messel.
"The exact same location" -- well, this is _half a Chinese province_, bigger
than many small US states.

> > The most parsimonious explanation, based on these data and the most
> > commonly accepted phylogenies, is that feathery integument was present
> all members of Clade(_Sinosauropteryx_ + _Passer_*), and possibly
> > originated earlier, as far back as basal _Tetanurae_ (Clade(_Passer_ <--
> > _Ceratosaurus_)).
> +++++++++++++++++++++
> But if it originated earlier, then how does one explain the scale
> of tyrannosaurs?

Either the association with tyrannosaurs is incorrect, or tyrannosaur scales
are a secondary affair:

> > It is also possible that feathery integument extends even further than
> > _Neotheropoda_ (Clade(_Ceratosaurus_ + _Passer_)), and the             >
> aforementioned carnotaurines are secondarily featherless. At the other >
> of the range of possibilities, it may be that feathery integument  > is
> restricted to Clade (_Sinosauropteryx_ + _Passer_), and that certain >
> of that clade may have been secondarily featherless, either    > during
> or all of their lives.
> +++++++++++++++++++++++++
> The only evidence I have seen for the former would be Zhou & Niswander's
> scutes = feathers discovery. And since no one has done any follow up work
> it (AFAIK), this seems to be the extent of any evidence for BCF type
> feathering.
> [...]
> Why noone has tried making fuzzy crocodiles, I'll never know :)

Lack of time and money? Try it! :-)

> Jura - who believes all dinosaurs are scaly, until proven otherwise.

It _is_ proven otherwise (not a mathematical proof, but a juridical proof).