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Troodon Robot Walks On Its Own

Short item in the upcoming Science News. I can't give you the URL as it's
in the area for subscribers. BUT, here's the relevant text:

 Week of June 23, 2001; Vol. 159, No. 25
 Robosaur roams with spring in its step
 Peter Weiss
 For the first time, a two-legged, nonhumanoid robot has walked completely
 on its own, says the machine's inventor.
 For the past 5 years, Peter Dilworth of the Massachusetts Institute of
 Technology has been developing Troody-his mobile model of a Troodon, a
 small, possibly feathered beast that lived some 70 million years ago.
 Soon, says Dilworth, larger, faster, feather-covered versions of the
 robosaur will be scurrying around museums and other entertainment venues.

I take this to mean that it walked without any connecting wires etc such
as are shown the MIT page devoted to this


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