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howdy ya'll and stratigraphy ?

Well Howdy Ya'll!

I'm new to the list and thought that I'd introduce myself and ask a question that has been on my mind lately. While searching around for a list of all known dinosaurian genera I somehow found my way to the archives of this wonderful list and "Dino George's" list, and I have been browsing the archives ever since. I'm just now able to have access to a computer whenever I want, so I can finally join the list - and let me tell you all, it's great to be here with you.

Okay, enough of my blah blah - here's my question.
I've been doing some research on the stratigraphy of the Colorado Plateau and I've run into some problems:

The Late Cretaceous strata near Price, Utah (I suppose in the Book Cliffs and on the Wasatch Plateau mostly) goes in ascending order Dakota Sandstone-Mancos Shale-Star Point Sandstone-Blackhawk Fm-Price River Fm(these three being the Mesa Verde Group)-North Horn Fm or Tuscher Fm.

In southern Utah, near Escalante, the sequence is Dakota Ss-Tropic Sh (equivalent to the Tununk Member of the Mancos series)-Straight Cliffs Fm-Wahweep Fm-Kaiparowits Fm(I've seen these three considered Mesa Verde Gp some places, eg. Chronic, 1990)-Canaan Peak Fm.

My question is about correlation of these formations, especially in the "Mesa Verde Group." In Fillmore's (2000) book "The Geology of the Parks, Monuments and Wildlands of Southern Utah" has a correlation, but leaves out the Star Point Ss, Blackhawk Fm, and North Horn Fm. I haven't seen Stokes' "Geology of Utah" in a while, and maybe the answer is there. But if any of you can help, with input or references I would appreciate it.

And just in case, I'm not sure about the rules of the list, this is very relevant to dinosaurs, as nearly all of these formations contain some to abundant dinosaur fossils - with the notable exceptions of the Tropic and Mancos Shales.

Also (I almost forgot!), is the Moss Back Member of the Chinle Fm in the San Rafael Swell the same as the Shinarump Member elsewhere?

Anyway, I apologize for such a long introductory post - I'm sure a lot of you will never read another post I make! Thanks to those who have taken the time to read and thanks to any and all answers.

BJ Strata
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