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New publication

I would like to point out that the newest issue of The
Mountain Geologist (38[3]) from July, 2001 is a special
issue on Dinosaur Ridge (Morrison Fm from just outside
Denver). It has papers from a variety of people including
many you would expect such as Martin Lockley and Jo Wright
as well as a real neat paper by Neffra Matthews and Brent
Breithaupt on some photogrammetric stuff and reconstruction
of the footprints (yes I would like that one) which is
really cool.

Anyway, I ordered one and they cost $10 plus $4 postage if
you call and order 303/573-8621. They got mine to me in
three days.

Anyway, a nice group of basic footprint papers, the real
cutting edge one by Matthews and Breithaupt, and some
general history and stratigraphy. Well worth it to footprint
types and others depending on their level of dinosaurian
infection [Mine seems terminal].


Ralph E. Chapman
Applied Morphometrics Laboratory
National Museum of Natural history
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Smithsonian Institution
Washington, DC 20560-0136
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