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    For those interested in the 'problem' of tail dragging in dinosaurs, the
current  (June 23) issue of SCIENCE NEWS, page 397, column 1,  tell us that
on a 50-acre parcel of land in St. George, Utah, owned by Sheldon Johnson,
there are "...More than 100 footprints of meat-eating theropod dinosaurs
which have been uncovered here, as well as grooves where the creatures'
tails dragged in the mud."

    The fossil tracks are said to range from 5 to 18 inches in length.  Note
that they were made in deep mud, and some went so deep that a hallux (digit
I) imprint is recorded.  Perhaps the mud depth might have resulted in tail
drag marks where, normally, the tail might have been suspended somewhat
above the surface.

    I think these ichnites may have been discussed earlier on this list.
The SCIENCE NEWS article says that, thankfully, Sheldon Johnson wants the
site to be made a U.S. national monument, and I say three cheers for
Johnson, who had previously planned to turn the site into an industrial

    Ray Stanford