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RE: New publication

I would like to point out that the newest issue of The
Mountain Geologist (38[3]) from July, 2001 is a special
issue on Dinosaur Ridge (Morrison Fm from just outside
Denver). It has papers from a variety of people including
many you would expect such as Martin Lockley and Jo Wright
as well as a real neat paper by Neffra Matthews and Brent
Breithaupt on some photogrammetric stuff and reconstruction
of the footprints (yes I would like that one) which is
really cool.

Anyway, I ordered one and they cost $10 plus $4 postage if
you call and order 303/573-8621. They got mine to me in
three days.<<

Thanks Ralph, I'll be ordering my copy. Does anyone have a phone number for
the Brigham Young University Geological Studies? I know that either late
last year or early this year they had a dinosaur volume. I tried to contact
them via email but haven't gotten a reply.