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    B.J. Strata reported:

"...Though most of the exposed tracks have been placed under a temporary
shelter, the "tail drag" was not, and it
has since weathered very badly - I would dare say that it has been rendered
unrecognizable since I was there several months ago.

    Aha!  Discrimination against the politically incorrect!  :(  :)

    B.J. Strara further said:

"The only track I know of that preserves the hallux also preserves most of
the lower limb!  You can actually see the drum stick!"

    Coloner Sanders, are you listening?!  :)

    And further:

"Kirkland and various other paleontologists have interpreted this track as a
dino-slip, but it looks
more like the animal was "squatting" in the mud (only one leg is preserved,

    Nah!  Obviously, it was doing a Cossack dance!

    Actually, thanks, B.J., for your interesting observations.  Sorry, but I
just couldn't resist meddling.  It must be the beautiful weather here in
Maryland today.

    Ray Stanford