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Three birds and a plea

Hello all,
I have here three new birds I've painted.
Yandagornis longicaudus
Yanornis martini
Longipteryx chaoyangensis

They're quick little paintings meant to test for accuracy, which is why
I am asking you all to please compare the paintings to the fossils and
see if they are at all accurate.  Mostly, I'm worried about the head of
Longipteryx (chose to assume that the beak had "spread out" and that big
round thing isn't part of its head) and Yandagornis (I chose to
reconstruct it as a large parrot-like thing, but was it more like this:
an Avimimoid?)
I'm pretty confidant about Yanornis, but included the bird as an
illustration to our recent discussions.
Thank you all for any criticisms, and also feel free to critique any of
my other drawings (http://members.gotnet.net/maier/1stwebpage.html),
especially the birds, as I'm planning a renovation in that area.