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Re: Sereno et al.'s Chinese discoveries

Almost unbelievably to me, MS is still monkeying around with the
addresses of those on msn.com, so another message got held back
(fortunately only a few of you are using this service, but it still
might take a while before I get all of the problems ironed out...) --

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Subject: Re: Sereno et al.'s Chinese discoveries
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2001 01:58:22 -0700

christian farrell kammerer wrote-

> Heh, heh, yeah..."next" year. Funny stuff.

I don't think it's improbable.  After all, Afrovenator was discovered on his
1993 expedition and described in 1994, Deltadromeus was discovered in 1995
and described in 1996, Suchomimus was discovered in 1997 and described in
1998, etc..  These preliminary descriptions in Science don't take long.

Mickey Mortimer
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