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Re: [Re: Feathered/scaly theropods: trying to make the point.]

"Demetrios M. Vital" <vita0015@umn.edu> wrote:
> Jurassosaurus wrote:
> > It is shown that a small group of dinosaurs had feathers, or possibly
> > some other proto-feathery stuff, but the majority of dino finds      > >
still show them to be scaled.
> The statement that dinos had feathers does not necessarily imply that  > ALL
dinos have feathers.  Cetaceans have no hair, yet mammals "have     > hair." 
I keep hearing on this list that only maniraptors definitely   > had feathers;
no one credible asserts with 100% assuredness that all   > non-avian
coelurosaurs are feathered.


True enough, but it doesn't seem to stop people from continually mentioning
dinosaurs with feathers as if it were a default trait for the whole group.
Feathery theropods seems to be the most popular one, though the occasional
ornithischian seems to fall in now and again. You know _T.rex_ with feathery
crests, Allosaurs with feathers on the arms that type of stuff. Check out
posts regarding dino metabolism, or theropod behaviour and see how often
maniraptor gets exapted to all theropods and occasionally, all dinosaurs.


> Are you arguing, Jurassosaurus, that, descendants of NGMC 91, let alone
> Sinosauropteryx prima, weren't feathered?

More like arguing the validity of _S.prima_ and most of the other "fuzzy"


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