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Re: Combined answer: Feathered/scaly theropods: trying to make the point.

    I think that _Santanaraptor_ might have had some sort of disease before
he died, or he was changing his feathers, or even he might have had some
areas of the body without feathers, if it was so (on the skin impressions
subject). If instead of feathers he has had scales, I think that there are
not many causes of scale lost in lizards or snakes, so I don't know what to
say (I'm don't have knowledge on reptiles skin diseases). If instead of
feathers or scales he has had only "lheathery" skin or something over its
skin, that may be the first time in dinosaur history that these kind of
impressions are found (someone correct me if I'm wrong).
    The only thing I'm pretty sure of, it's that _Santanaraptor_ has muscles
and capillaries and other cellular-level structures very well preserved, as
I've seen in pictures.

        Marcel Bertolucci
    ( mbertol@zaz.com.br )
"Dinosaurs are the most interesting and amazing mystery of nature!"

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> Mickey Mortimer wrote:
> > << Santanaraptor really did have naked skin around the pelvic and
> hindlimb
> > area, if feathers were present, they would have been preserved. >>
> Thomas P. Hopp wrote:
> > I saw a squished squirrel on the road the other day. It looked like shoe
> > leather and had not a single hair left on it.
> So does Santanaraptor have *scales* preserved, or just naked skin (like
> ostrich legs or vulture necks)?
> And how likely is it that a dino will have lost its feathers before death?
> As far as I know, there wasn't much road kill in the Mesozoic...unless you
> count sauropod stompings.
> -Demetrios