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RE: Late Maa North American tyrants (was RE: Validity of Alioramus)

>Actually, it was an artificial feature! As Bakker, Currie & Williams
>determined, the lacrimal horns (you are using the correct term) were made of
>plaster, and had been created based on Gilmore's assumption that this
>specimen was a late-surviving species of _Gorgosaurus_.

I recently talked to Ralph Molnar about this, and he said that much of the 
lacrimals and back of the nasals are plaster, as well as most of the left 
maxilla. There is also a plaster patch at the back of the left dentary.

BTW, if there is anything people would like me to check out on Nanotyrannus, 
I'd be willing to do so. I have an internship at the Cleveland Museum of 
Natural History for the summer, so I can see the specimen every day!

Randall Irmis