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Were There Fluffy Dinos? Fluffyrumpkinssaurus....

Archosaur (archosaur@usa.net) wrote:

<By exact same location I mean that _Beipiaosaurus_
_Sinornithosaurus_ & _Sinosauropteryx_ all come from the exact
same location. Each one's location description reads like a
carbon copy of the other. That all of a sudden we would find so
many "fuzzy" theropods from so many different clades and all
coming from the same locality (outside Beipiao city seemed to be
the popular description) comes off, to me as rather suspicious.
I wouldnt' mind it if it were only a few dinosaurs from the same
genera or so, but to have a theriznosaur, dromaeosaur &
compsognathid all from the same place, with the same covering
(not placed anatomically; mind you) seems a little dubious.>

  Curious, but aside from identical preservation in a single
bedding environment, ash-laden lacustrine material, do you have
any other data that mould tend to make the preservation of fuzz
in this manner false? The material has been _very closely_
scrutinized in *Sinornithosaurus* (Xu et al., 2000)
*Sinosauropteryx* (Currie, 1997, at SVP, unpub'd) and
*Beipiaosaurus* (Xu, 1999, at SVP, unpub'd) and is certainly not
false, is indigenous to the slab, and unlikely to occur by any
manner of artificiality, sensu the Archaeopteryx is a hoax
scenario way back when. Even the materials in Microraptor and
"Archaeoraptor's" bird half are real and there, only the slabs
were mixed and matched. That this material appears in exact
manners among birds similarly preserved at Sihetun and elsewhere
suggests that the material is _real_. Dubiousness maybe if the
fossils were considered fakes. That depends on wether one thinks
that NO dinosaurs outside of birds had any form of extraneous
integumental structures aside from scutes in the skin.

Jaime A. Headden

  Where the Wind Comes Sweeping Down the Pampas!!!!

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