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Re: sauropod armour

ekaterina amalitzkaya wrote-

> Who far back in the sauropod tree does armour go? Did the Titanosaurs
> primitively bear armour? Or was a it just a sub-lineage of the Titanosaurs
> that bore armour. Is there any consensus on the phylogentic position of
> Augustinia?

The most basal titanosaur with preserved armor is Malawisaurus dixeyi, so it
goes back to basal Titanosauridae at least.  Armor is also known for
Aeolosaurus, Ampelosaurus, Lametasaurus, Laplatasaurus, Lirainosaurus,
Loricosaurus, Magyarosaurus, Neuquensaurus, "Rapetosaurus", Saltasaurus and
an undescribed form from the Rio Colorado Formation (Rigal and Calvo, 1999).
I still consider Agustinia Neosauropoda incertae sedis, either a diplodocoid
or advanced titanosaurid.  See
http://www.cmnh.org/fun/dinosaur-archive/2000Sep/msg00364.html .

Mickey Mortimer